How Instagram Has Stunted My Growth

 Lately I've noticed something - instagram has stunted my growth as an artist. Or rather, I've willingly allowed it to keep me from creating what my brain naturally designs. I hear it shouted 24/7 "you need to have good branding!! you need a color scheme!! you need captions that make people comment!! don't get too weird!! post only at optimal times a day!!"** (also hear people making fun of when I do post little glimpses of my "weird", like this photo..but that's a bitter cuppa joe for later.) While all of those things ARE important for follower growth, they often inhibit who we are as artists. Branding in the sense of who you are is one thing, but the rest is a different story.

 I get it. We all want people to join us on our journey, to like our content, etc. but when that starts preventing you from posting the damn photo you like, or captioning the way you want it, that's when the authenticity stops. I have removed so many posts over the past few weeks for feed consistency & talked more about fashion (which I genuinely don't care about, bee-tee-dubz. catch me in a giant sweater + the same pair of dirty boots every day) because I thought that's what I HAD to do as a blogger/photographer. It's all dumb & I want you guys to know the real Kizzie, quirks 'n all.

 You are what you eat & I just wanna be a lil flower, growing amidst a society obsessed with self glorification. My challenge to myself to do what whatever I want & to stop using hashtags & being "THAT instagrammer."

**I greatly appreciate people who have mastered the art of insta-branding & who do that as a business. I am in NOOOOO way saying it's a waste of effort or uncool, just not how I'm ever going to be honest with myself + my art.