I'm "pumped" about this change.

Get it? Pumped, because there are gas pumps behind me? ..no? okay.

 I have been #blessed to be able to provide traditional, natural light photography services for so many of you since 2009. Everyone has been incredibly patient with me as I've shifted styles/business plans throughout the years - there are not enough thank you's in the world for how much that means to me. Because of your support, I'm brave enough to start this new adventure. 

 My super cool husband, Ben, encouraged me to quit my "real" jobs & pursue my dreams full-time - but I'm 100% type B. There is not a single "organized" bone in my body. I do everything on a whim - self started (That's a bad quality, folks, but at least I've made it this far). I'm laid-back, emotional, & quirky as possible. Which brings me to this new project.... blogging. I've tried blogging for years, even had a blogger I worked with for 2 years help coach me, but that type B kicked in heavily & I quit every time. 

 I still plan to do photography for my incredible clients. I've even added in a few new services - creative consulting (i.e. how to make your brand authentic, etc.) & set staging. Thank you for believing in this little weird black haired kid. Thank you for encouraging me to be my authentic self. Thank you for not letting me run away from my dreams. YOU GUYS ROCK.

t-shirt: nordstrom rack
pants: lizard thicket
photos: Ben Warren, my instagram husband

(fun fact: I saved in a note on my phone "Kizzie, you like the windows at a place on 6th ave s. Take photos there" sometime last year. Finally found it. Thanks, Kizzie of the past!)